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Ancient medicine has long recognized the more subtle aspects of energy and understood that through the process of becoming human we become wounded.  These wounds are not only stored in our physical bodies, but in the subtler realms of our energy bodies as well. Energy medicine practices can stand alone or be combined in a unique plan to help you step into elevated living as you move through the layers of the subtle body to release these old patterns and wounds.In a unique blend of these healing arts, Erin will individualize a program that weaves the teachings, practices and ceremonies of these ancient traditions into an individualized process.  Practices may include basic energy hygiene practices, pranayama (breathwork), asana (yoga poses), meditation, guided journeying, shadow work/soul retrieval, Reiki, ritual and ceremony Reiki and shamanic healing.We work to shift woundedness to healing through numerous processes that work in accordance with your beliefs, but are firmly based in the feminine earth based teachings of the Q’ero peoples of Peru and the practices and teachings of yoga and yoga therapy.* All services are offered on a sliding fee scale of $80-$160 with the exception of Fire Ceremony and Despacho with a scale of $100-$180.

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Here are our trained practitioners in Energy Medicine

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