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Feb 9-10 & 13th - Healing Sessions with Pacos Don Juan Apaza Quispe & Karina Davalos

Feb 11 - Andean Way of Three

Feb 12 - Community Despacho

March 24-26 - Munay Ki with Erin Kuehl

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Don Juan Apaza Quispe was born and still resides, in the village of Qollpacochu in the nation of Q'eros in the heart of the Andes. He is a highly respected Pampamesayok Paqo healer, ceremonialist, and leader of his community which is extremely remote and isolated at 14k-16k feet in elevation. 


Don Juan Apaza Quispe is a powerful representative of one of the few remaining indigenous traditions still existing and maintaining the Ancient Way. His mission is to be an ambassador and bridge... bringing the preserved wisdom and healing power of the Q'eros to awaken our Yachay (Knowing) our Munay (Loving) and Llankay (Service). 


Don Juan is a master of Pampamesayok healing techniques and practices that have been passed down for many generations of his Q'ero Ancestral Lineage.  A one-hour healing session includes traditional energetic and spiritual cleansing, dense energy attachment clearing, soul retrieval and lifeforce rebuilding.  This is a deep and powerful healing experience.  Don Juan will be accompanied by Karina Davalos who will assist in interpreting from Quechua to English.


KARINA DAVALOS CONCHA"I was born in Cusco, the capital of the empire of the Incas.  My parents took me to Mollepata where I lived with my grandparents and first learned to speak Quechua and then Spanish.  It was here I first connected with Apu Salkantay, playing with the stones, rivers, animals and nature.  During harvest time my grandparents made offerings to Pachamama using coca kintus.  I watched very carefully and soon was able to participate in the ceremonies.


I met Alberto Villoldo and worked with him for many years receiving shamanic training with the best Q’ero healers who are the descendants of the Incas.  Don Manuel Quispe, Don Mariano Apaza, Don Umberto and Dona Bernardina all of whom were Kura Akullek (highest rank).  My first initiation was received at Apu Ausangate and I created my mesa and continued my master apprenticeship in Puno and Cusco.  During my training I had the revelation of the Apus which indicated that I was ready to perform ceremonies. 


Today I have a deep sense of gratitude to the universe for having the ability to share and help others with this gift, a gift from the gods."

Healing Sessions

These events are entirely for the benefit of the indigenous people of Q'eros.  Your participation and generous donations help to support many families who live in the Andean highlands.  Urpichay Sonqo!

This is a blessed opportunity for ALL!

Private Healing Sessions will be available on the following days: February 9-10 & 13th, 2023
The Ayni Donation sliding scale is $140-$220.

Andean Way of Three

This will be a full day of exploration into the power of 3 in Andean Cosmology. We will explore the concepts of the InkanTrinity and the map of the Inka Cross which include love, trust, connection, acknowledgment, protection and awareness. You will journey with the drum to the 3 worlds; lower-world, middle-world, upper-world to connect with the 3 traditional power animals; condor, puma and serpent that govern each of these levels of consciousness. Our second journey will allow us to explore to the 3 nawis or energetic centers of exchange. We will digest the concepts of the 3 Inka Laws - sacred love, sacred wisdom , sacred service before closing with a beautiful Despacho or Blessing ceremony!

You will leave with a greater understanding of the dynamics of energy and how to work with, clear and empower your energy centers. Open to anyone! Mesa carriers strongly encouraged to attend!

12-2:30 teaching

2:30-4 break

4-6 Journey's

Suggested asking price is $100.

These events are entirely for the benefit of the indigenous people of Q’eros. Your participation and generous donations help to support many families who live in the Andean highlands.

Community Despacho: Teachings and Ceremony

The despacho ceremony is an ancient Andean tradition that honors the interconnectedness between all living beings and the natural world. It is a ritual of gratitude, reciprocity and abundance, and is believed to bring harmony and balance to our lives. Through the despacho ceremony we make an offering of prayers, intentions, and energy to the divine beings, the Earth, and to each other.


This workshop will be led by Karina Davolos Concha and Juan Apaza Quispe. Together they will discuss  the elements of creating  your own Haywarikuy (Despacho Ceremony) as well as conducting a community ceremony.   


The Despacho Ceremony is an incredibly powerful tool for healing and transformation. It is a way of creating sacred space and opening ourselves to the healing power of love, gratitude and appreciation. By participating in the Despacho Ceremony we are reminded of our interconnectedness with all of creation and the importance of living in harmony with nature. We also recognize the importance of reciprocity and abundance in our lives. Through the Despacho Ceremony we can learn to express our gratitude and open our hearts to the abundance and beauty we have in our lives. The Despacho Ceremony is also a way to honor and celebrate our ancestors, as well as the divine energy that flows through us all. It is a way to bring together our community, to nurture and sustain our spiritual practices, and to create a sense of unity and purpose.

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The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about this time as a period of great transformation, a time when we are called to make an extraordinary difference in the world. They foretell of a new human appearing on the planet - a person of wisdom and power who lives free of fear and abides in their eternal nature, accepting stewardship for all creation.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade the luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that facilitate healing the wounds of the past - your karmic & genetic inheritance. The transmission of the Rites is like a download of updates for the necessary energetic informational upgrades of our time. They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body - one that ages, heals, and dies differently. The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.

As you receive the nine rites, your chakras will have the opportunity to become clear and you'll acquire what the Earthkeepers know as the rainbow body, as your chakras glow with their original radiance. Your luminous field becomes more highly organized and coherent. Your energetic capacity for processing subtle realms is expanded. The bubble of light that surrounds your physical body is upgraded and empowered with strength and integrity.

The Munay-Ki comes from a Quechua word that means 'I love you.' The Munay-Ki are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation. The rites are common to all shamanic traditions, even though they are expressed in different forms and styles in various cultures. In this form, we connect with deep honor and respect to the Ancient Wisdomkeepers of the high Andes in Peru.

This first session will begin the series of transmissions with an overview of the 9 rites and the gifting of the first two rites... the Healer's Rite and the Seer's Rite. You must receive the rites in the order given and plan to attend ALL sessions.

The Nine Rites

Rite One: Healer's Rite
Connects you to a lineage of luminous beings from the past, who come to assist you in your personal transformation. Awakens the healing power in your hands so that everyone you touch is blessed. There is tremendous spiritual assistance available, and these luminous ones work in our sleep to heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors. This rite opens the pathways to healing, organizes, aligns and informs your energetic support system.

Rite Two: Seer's Rite
Extra-cerebral pathways of light are installed that connect the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra. This awakens the inner seer and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit. It clears and opens your capacity to shift the perceptions and projections you are constantly engaging.

Rite Three: Bands of Power
Five luminous belts that are woven into the luminous energy field (LEF) for protection. They act as filters, breaking down any negative energy that comes toward the person, into one of the five elements. These energies then feed your LEF instead of making you sick. This rite powerfully strengthens and empowers your luminous energy field, bringing you an even greater capacity to engage the power of transformation. These bands are incredibly protective and nurturing - everyone should have them!

Rite Four: Harmony Rite
Transmission of 7 Archetypal Energies into the Chakras. First you receive serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle; next you receive three archangels: the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world), and the Protector of the Upper World (our super conscious). This rite connects you with powerful archetypal allies that can assist you in coming into right relationship in every aspect of your life. These allies support and encourage the cleansing and clearing, opening and empowering of each one of your 7 chakras. Balancing and harmonizing your energetic structure and the exchanges you make in the world.

Rite Five: Daykeeper's Rite
You connect to a lineage of master healers from the past. Daykeepers are able to call on the ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the earth, call on the sun to rise each day, and bring humans into harmony with mother Earth. They are the midwives, herbalists and curanderas. This rite helps you begin to heal your inner feminine, step beyond fear, and practice peace.

Rite Six: Wisdomkeeper's Rite
You connect to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and the future. This rite is associated with the snow-capped mountains, perhaps a distant memory of our ancestors from the Himalayas. This rite helps you to begin to heal your inner masculine, step outside of time, become steeped in the medicine teachings and taste infinity.

Rite Seven: Earthkeeper's Rite
This rite connects you to the archangels that are guardians of our galaxy, stewards of all life on Earth. This rite connects you to the stars, and to the sun, our local star. It helps you learn the ways of the seer and dream the world into being.

Rite Eight: Starkeeper's Rite
This rite connects to who you are becoming. Each of your energetic centers are aligned and informed by the highest state of your being. Your physical body begins to evolve into homo luminous, the aging process is slowed down, your DNA is re-informed, and you become more resistant to disease.

Rite Nine: Creator Rite
Awakens the Creator-light within and brings forth a sense of stewardship for all creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe. This rite opens your awareness of the true nature of your being and expands your capacity to co-create your experience.

This will be an intensive offering and you are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions. If unable to attend all sessions: Friday is a prerequisite for Saturday, Friday and Saturday are a prerequisite for Sunday.

Friday 5-9pm
Saturday 9a-6p (possibly until 9pm)
Sunday 9a-5p

Investment: $200

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