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July 14th (2:30pm-4pm) - Breathwork with Hali Benson (**location 409 Pearl St. upstairs)

July 20th (3pm-4:30pm) - Intro to Somatic Release with Chan Follen

July 20th (6pm-8pm) - LUMIN Album Release Celebration with Dr. Ryan Allen

July 28th (6:30p-8p) - Y12SR: Yoga of 12-Step Recovery

August 11th (1:30p-4:30p) - Cultivating Courageous Kids & the Art of Co-Regulation with Dr. Ryan Allen

August 18th (2:30pm-4pm) - Breathwork with Hali Benson

September 14th (12pm-1:30pm) - Beginner Series : Intro to Gentle Yoga with Verna Bennett

*All events are being held at Design West Sioux City [1014 Design Place, Sioux City, IA] while the yoga studio undergoes renovations. The Wellness Center at 409 Pearl will remain there*

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