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January 28th (1pm-3pm) - Human Design Part 2 with Chan Follen

February 2nd (6pm-8pm) - Stories Behind The Poses with Chan Follen

February 3rd (11:30a-12:30p) - Mommy & Baby Yoga with Janette Ruiz

February 4th (4:30pm-6:00p) - Meridian-Focused Yoga: Total Body Restoration with Hali Benson

February 1oth (6:30p-8:00p) - Restorative, Meditation, & Live Music with Ryan Allen and Ultra Violet Fever

February 23rd (7:00pm-8:30pm) - Chakra Balancing with Samantha Huff

February 24th (1pm-3pm) - Healing Benefits of Fasting with Ann Meis

Find all the descriptions for these classes below...

*All events are being held at Design West Sioux City [1014 Design Place, Sioux City, IA] while the yoga studio undergoes renovations. The Wellness Center at 409 Pearl will remain there*

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Human Design Part 2

This session will unravel the significance of your profile, demystify the meanings behind defined and undefined centers, and identify the environments where you truly thrive. Unlock the understanding of your energy dynamics and embrace a life aligned with your unique design!


About Chan: Needing to improve her work life balance, Chan turned to yoga. In yoga she found how it comforted her on and off the mat, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. As a RYT 200 she wants to share how yoga transformed her life with her students. She will guide you in moving with breath and intention in each class.

Stories Behind the Poses (2000 x 1000 px).png

Stories Behind The Poses

This session derives its content from Raj Balkaran's book, "The Stories Behind the Poses: The Indian Mythology that Inspired 50 Yoga Poses." We'll explore narratives behind key yoga asanas, embody the poses, and engage in group discussions with a deeper understanding of each pose's significance. Join us to delve into the rich Indian mythology that has shaped contemporary yoga practices


About Chan: Needing to improve her work life balance, Chan turned to yoga. In yoga she found how it comforted her on and off the mat, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. As a RYT 200 she wants to share how yoga transformed her life with her students. She will guide you in moving with breath and intention in each class.

MOMMY N ME YOGA momence banner.png

Mommy & Baby Yoga with Janette Ruiz

Join Janette for Mommy & Baby Yoga Class. Class includes bonding, baby massage, movement for mama and baby, as well as relaxation time at the end.  Spots are limited. Suggested age infant to crawling. $60 for the course. Single Day Drop-ins Rates available as well. 

Meridian-Focused Yoga: Total Body Restoration

Rooted in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this specialized yoga approach taps into the intricate network of meridians, or energy pathways, to promote balance, vitality, and overall well-being.



Meridian-Focused Yoga combines the age-old traditions of yoga with the holistic insights of TCM, recognizing that the body's energy, or Qi, flows through specific channels. By targeting these meridians through intentional yoga poses, breathwork, and mindfulness, you can optimize the flow of energy, promoting physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium.



In this unique practice, each yoga pose is carefully selected to stimulate and open specific meridians, enhancing the circulation of Qi and addressing imbalances within the body. Each class associates itself with both a Yin and Yang Meridian, and using Yin poses mixed with acu-pressure points we will target each area of the body to bring optimal healing. You may find the follow classes with the organs assigned to each with their associated emotions.



Feb 4: Stomach/Spleen: Worry, Anxiety

March 3: Liver/Gallbladder: Anger, Kindness

April 7: Lungs/Large Intestine: Sadness, Grief

May 5: Kidney/Bladder: Fear, Wisdom

You do not have to attend all of the them to get the benefits, although each class will be unique and target certain parts of the body.

Investment: 15$ drop-in OR $50 for all four classes

About Hali:
With Hali, all avenues are possible...lots of breathwork, yoga postures sure to get you energized for your day. Hali loves to mix it up allowing weeks to be divided into slow-going Gentle Yoga, mesmerizing Yin, and some challenging work! No matter where you are in your practice, come knowing Hali is sure to guide you into your day feeling refreshed and renewed.

Restorative, Mediation, & Live Music
with Ryan Allen and Ultra Violet Fever

The universe is forever conspiring in our favor. Planets have aligned. Twin stars are backing in each other's glow. Acquaintances have become friends. Conversations have transformed into co-creating collaboration.

Angela & Shawn Blomberg of Ultra Violet Fever and Ryan Allen of Lumin are joining forces to bring our community a respite of meditation and music, love and light, and therapeutic Sound and Source healing.

Join us on Saturday Feb 10th, at Evolve Yoga, located in the Design West building at 1014 Design Place from 6:30p - 8:00p to be guided to your most relaxed and rejuvenated state.

The 90-minute experience will include supported, gentle, and restorative mindful movement and breathing, and an extended Yoga Nidra practice. No experience required. Open and accessible to all.

We're gonna ROCK...oursleves to revitalization!

We can't wait to connect with you. Join us. Spread the Word. Share the Love.

Investment: $35

Chakra Balancing with Sam Huff

As energetic beings, it is as important to take care of our energy bodies as it is to take a shower or brush our teeth, taking care of our physical bodies. As energetic beings living in physical bodies, we have human experiences. Every experience we have settles into our energetic bodies and has the potential to affect us in physical, emotional, or spiritual ways long after the experience has taken place. 


Chakra balancing can help to clear energetic clutter, keeping us from feeling “stuck.” It can revitalize our energy, keeping us focused. It can center and ground us, keeping us from feeling disconnected.


Join us as we work through asana, meditation, and visualization.


About Sam:

Visiting one of Sam’s classes, you can expect to move thoughtfully through asana. You will be encouraged to notice how each pose feels in your body, in your breath, in your spirit. You can also expect to sweat. Samantha Huff is a RYT-200 who received her Teacher Training here at Evolve. Sam is also trained in yoga anatomy and neuromechanics. "In my classes, I strive to create an environment where my students feel encouraged to investigate how their bodies move and to be curious about what feels healthy and right for them. Then we connect that movement to breath and that's when the magic happens. My hope is my students leave class refueled, refreshed, relaxed, and able to breather deeper and love bigger."

Healing Benefits of Fasting with Ann Meis

Did you know Fasting is a healing restorative state for the human body? 


Did you know there are more than 6 lengths of fasts and they all have very specific healing benefits? 


Do you know what it means to be metabolically fit and have metabolic flexibility?


Are you struggling with fatigue, brain fog, poor gut health, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, or other miscellaneous issues, and looking for a natural approach to find better health? 


Fasting may be the answer you have been looking for. It has been practiced for thousands of years in many cultures and religions. The amount of scientific research that is currently available brings credibility to this practice.


Join Ann Meis at this two hour, introduction to fasting workshop. Ann will share her 30+ year journey to find complete health and wellness and how fasting has been the key she’s been looking for. Ann will share some of her tips and hacks she has found to make it a more accessible practice. She will also share resources to take the next steps if you would like to pursue a fasting lifestyle for yourself.


This workshop contains general information relating to the potential benefits of fasting. It is not intended to replace personalized medical advice.  As with any new health protocol, the practices taught in this workshop should be followed only after consulting with your doctor to make sure they are appropriate for your individual circumstances.


About Ann Meis:

Ann Meis is a lifelong learner and has been on a search for holistic health and wellness options for 30 years. As a former ICU RN, she found the traditional medical model lacking in options that worked for her. She has over 30 years of experience successfully leading a large team of women in direct sales having earned diamond rings, trips, and pink Cadillacs. She currently works with her husband in their construction business as the office manager, project manager, designer, and painter. Yoga is a personal passion and she is completing yoga teacher training. She says, “I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.”

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