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230HR Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you aspire to instruct or deepen your own personal practice this training experience is an intimate event for the mind-body-soul. Prepare to transform your life. Our foundational yoga program meets and exceeds Yoga Alliances RYT 200hr NEW requirements. Our program name is deliberate and intentional, to set the stage for life-long study and constant evolution. We focus our work on the rich and deep journey to the self through the study of yoga.

Shawna Harrington

"YTT was the deepest self-exploration I've ever been on. With that new awareness comes the knowledge of where the healing is needed. I have become my best self because of this journey."

Ryan Allen

"Yoga Teacher Training is for anyone who needs some time to explore space -- within one's self and in relationship to the world. It's an opportunity to learn, practice and be."

Dylan Kramer

"There's no doubt in my mind that I am who I am today because of Yoga Teacher Training. The old saying, "You don't know what you don't know", and thats also true for yourself. Discover your purpose. Meet yourself. Evolve."

The Evolve Yoga and Wellness Center teacher training program begins with you. We believe that you hold infinite possibility for the future. This inner potential is captured in our Yoga Alliance certified programs. No matter where you are in your journey of this life, yoga teacher training lets you design your dreams.

Our transformative curriculum is designed to cover all the pillars of yoga; yoga history, Sanskrit, pose alignment, energetic body and sacred literature. However, the most important part of teacher training is to help you find your voice as a teacher. We prepare you wholly to speak your truth with compassion and joy.

The health, wellness, and fitness industry is growing exponentially. With your 200-Hour certification, you are eligible to teach in studios, gyms, and community centers. The desire to teach is not a requirement. You may want to deepen your practice and enjoy the invaluable benefits of teacher training on your own mat. This program will not only change your yoga practice, it will change your life.

This is a journey that begins with an external physical practice and moves inward to a place deep within your soul. Your training can be truly enlightening and at times extremely challenging. Regardless of your background, know that everything you experience during your training will help YOU become a more realized yogi and human being…and a fantastic yoga teacher!

On your journey to become an effective and inspiring yoga instructor, you MUST be a dedicated student. The time in training will bring you to the edges of your practice through classes, workshops, meditation, breathing exercises and self study. Intense study is one of the best ways to learn and grow, so strive to make the most of your time at Evolve. This includes moving past mental blocks, as well as being acutely attuned to your physical body.

Our program is hybrid, which makes it a flexible journey to receive your 200hr TT Certification. Work at your own pace with a few weekends avaiable for question and answer with some our renown teachers at Evolve.

Are you ready to Evolve? 


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