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Evolve Yoga and Wellness Center in Sioux City, Iowa is a celebration of life. Here you will discover classes that invite you to breathe, balance and grow.  You will find the dynamic relationship between your breath and flowing movement. You will explore the depths of your body’s restorative power in a soulful and nurturing environment or find your way to your edge in a hot sweaty vinyasa flow class.  You will awaken the essence of who you are. Each class flows with creativity, music, and symmetry. With the guidance of our expertly trained staff, you will access the infinite well of strength and harmony that is within you, meeting you exactly where you are and guiding you to where you want to be and who you were meant to become.

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Photo taken by Kessel Kreations

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With over 20 classes a week ranging from yin yoga to hot power, we have a class that will meet you exactly where you are and take you where you need to be. Led by our instructors, you will journey into a practice that blends your level of intensity with mindfulness and breath to create the perfect alchemical reaction that restores balance & strength, steadiness & ease.


From brand new practitioners to advanced yogis needing to reset and calm, beginner classes are for everyone. Our classes will always offer you ‘kramas’ or stages of a pose that you can customize with the use of props to make it more accessible for your body.  All classes, with the exception of chair and meditation, require the ability to get on the floor and from that space offer gentle opening to the body and mind.

This includes: Beginner Vinyasa Flow, Men's Yoga, Morning Slow Flow, Therapeutic Yoga, Yin Yoga , All Levels Flow


These classes are designed for those who can move easily from the floor to standing and can move through Sun Salutations with relative ease.  These classes will continue to build on the foundational poses while offering some more advanced kramas or stages to always take you to your edge. You can expect a blend of balancing poses and backbends together with the possibility of arm balances and inversions. Intermediate to advanced can expect longer holds, core, inversions, arm balances, breath, awareness and heat in these highly invigorating classes. Understanding of foundational poses is expected.

This includes: Intermediate Hot Flow, Fluid Flow, Evolve Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Barre


Anyi is the sacred act of giving and receiving.  In our continued effort to bring yoga to the community Evolve offers several options for donation based classes throughout the year.  Although these classes are not free, they are a free will offering ...   

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