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If you’ve found your way here, you’ve found your way home. Welcome.
Evolve Yoga studio offers classes for all stages of life with a variety of instructors and class styles. Everyone that attends classes here immediately feels welcome and accepted into the Evolve family.
Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your practice or an experienced practitioner looking to advance your practice, Evolve has a class for you!

ClassesVinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Prenatal, Kids, and More!

Evolve Yoga and Wellness offers a wide variety of classes for all students. No matter your age, your lifestyle, or your experience with yoga- we’ve got a class for you! Not sure which class to take? Check out our Class Descriptions for more information!

Did you know?

You can go straight to our schedule on your phone with the MindBody App!

Evolve is passionate about ensuring everyone experience yoga regardless of financial situations. If your current finances are stopping you from experiencing yoga, you may consider filling out our Scholarship application.


$15/ Drop-In

General Rates
  • Drop in Class $15
  • 5 Class Pass $50
  • 10 Class Pass $80

No refunds on Packages or Memberships

$10/ Drop in

Student Rates*
  • Drop in Class $10

*With student ID
No refunds on Packages or Memberships

New to Yoga?Considering joining a yoga class, but still not quite sure? Maybe we can help!

You’d be amazed how many times we hear this question! You’d be even more amazed at how inflexible even the teachers in the studio were before we started our own yoga journeys.

Yes, you can do yoga if you aren’t already flexible. Or strong. Or blessed with the body of a model. Yoga helps you to develop that flexibility and strength. And while nothing can give 99% of us the body of a model, a yoga practice can help you become more in tune with and in love with your body just as it is. You’ll be amazed at the flexibility and strength you gain every time you practice.

All you really need to begin practicing yoga is your body, your mind, and a bit of curiosity. It’s also helpful to have a pair of yoga leggings or shorts and a tank or tee that isn’t too baggy. Other than that bring a water bottle and a mat if you have one! (If you don’t have a mat, don’t worry, we have loaner mats at the studio.)

If you have zero experience with yoga, we suggest starting with Yoga 101, Slow Flow Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, or a 10a Vinyasa Flow class.

If you have experience and are more “new to Evolve” than “new to yoga”, then browse through our class descriptions and see which one calls out to you!

In the end, all of our classes are open to beginners as every instructor offers modifications and alternatives to beginners and advanced practitioners alike. We do suggest some experience with yoga for a Hot Vinyasa Flow or a Power class, though.

None of us can. Yoga is never a competition. Listen to your body and do what it is telling you. Begin slowly and your body will progress when its ready. Yoga class is a place of non-judgment and acceptance, and never a place to achieve “perfection,” which is why we call it practice.

Our instructors will help you to modify poses to make the pose meet you where your body is in this moment, this day. Work with the suggested modifications until you find that you no longer need them.

Feel free to get in touch via our Contact form or by sending an email to hello@evolvesiouxcity.com – We’ll do our best to answer all your questions and help you get started on your yoga practice!

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