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If you’ve found your way here, you’ve found your way home. Welcome.

Evolve Yoga studio offers classes for all stages of life with a variety of instructors and class styles. Everyone that attends classes here immediately feels welcome and accepted into the Evolve family.
Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your practice or an experienced practitioner looking to advance your practice, Evolve has a class for you!

Meet Our Tribe

Our studio is blessed to have an amazing tribe of teachers and students. Meet the teachers who help make this possible.

Erin Kuehl

Erin Kuehl

Owner, Teacher/E-RYT200

Having always been focused on living a healthy life, Erin’s determination to find alternatives to healing after battling illness led her to yoga. After her first yoga class, the seed of opening her own studio was planted.

Under the expertise of Mary Clare Sweet and Carole Westerman at the esteemed Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha, Erin was able to evolve her yoga practice from a merely physical experience to a deeply transformative personal awakening. Uninhibited by obstacles and led by Spirit, that seed flourished and 8 months after that first class, Evolve Yoga sprouted.

Always learning, Erin’s relationship with yoga continues to grow, shape, challenge, and inspire her. Currently an E-RYT 200, Erin is continuing her yogic studies at the 500 hour level, a certified pre-natal yoga instructor and a certified Level II Reiki Healer in the Usui tradition. She is currently journeying through the Inkan Medicine Wheel with the Four Wind’s Society and upon completion in early 2015 will be a full Mesa carrier in the Q’uero tradition.

Jackie Paulson

Jackie Paulson


Jackie Paulson is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher trained through Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha, NE in 2012.

Jackie also received her Reiki Level II certification in 2008 and has been practicing as a Licensed Therapist since 2012, having been in the counseling field for ten years.

Her intention in guiding your practice is to assist you moving these kinetic experiences off of the mat and into your life. You can expect to practice pranayama, asana and dhyana in each of her classes and a style of yoga that blends vinyasa flow, astanga, anusara and kundalini. The inspiration that fuels her teaching includes the sutras, energy, ayurveda, psychology, mind/body awareness and most of all, embodying joy and gratefulness in our experiences together.

Jackie also offers Energy Healing Sessions, private individual, group and couples yoga sessions through Evolve.

Angela Benson

Angela Benson


Angela is a certified and 200-hr Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, and Level II Reiki Practitioner, born in Australia and now based in Sioux City, IA. Angela’s main intention is to make yoga simple, fun, engaging and clear. Her classes attract students from all styles and levels who want to put the energy of center into their yoga…and their lives.
With Angela, you will move through a mindfully-flowing yoga sequence that is creative, fun, and challenging without being overwhelming. Get ready to sweat, smile, learn and come away inspired anew to move your lessons off the mat and transform your body, mind and life from the inside out!
Always learning, Angela’s relationship with yoga continues to evolve through a vibrant and varied practice and continued studies with her teachers. When not on the mat, Angela enjoys spending time with family and friends, sewing, running, hoop dancing, and baking cupcakes.

Brian McCormick

Brian McCormick


Brian has been blessed to walk in many different shoes throughout his life. After experiencing his very first yoga class, he knew he had found something that spoke to him. Something he wanted to share with others.

Brian is trained by Lotus House of Yoga in their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and is excited to offer yoga classes to the Siouxland area through Evolve Yoga and Wellness.

Learn more about him on his facebook page: www.facebook.com/brianmcyogi

Trishia Gill

Trishia Gill

Tech Goddess, Teacher/CYT200

Trishia started practicing yoga years ago but found a renewed commitment to her practice when she realized it brought calm to her out of control life. She has since found strength, joy, and passion in her practice and hopes to share that with others.

Trishia finds inspiration for her teaching in the seasons and cycles of nature as well as in the everyday moments of beauty that are just waiting to be discovered.

Trishia’s training began with her 200 hour certification under the guidance of Lotus House of Yoga and continues through workshops, reading, and continued education on yoga, anatomy, and wellness.

Julie Peck

Julie Peck


Yoga is a passion for Julie. The evolution of her practice taught her acceptance, perspective, and perseverance which led her to further her journey through teaching.

Julie completed her 200RYT in 2013 under the guidance of Lotus House of Yoga and is currently working on her 500 hour training.

Julie’s classes are comprised of music and mindful movement, with attention to detail of alignment and breath. Come share some time with her for a sense of fulfillment and release!

Tammy Mhonson

Tammy Mhonson


I started practicing yoga with friends in 2008. When Evolve Yoga and Wellness Center opened, a whole new world and life grew before me.

After manifesting my dream of teaching yoga to kids, the pieces just fell into place. In 2013, I completed the Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha. Now I have the privilege of teaching yoga to kids at Evolve!

I am an ESL Teacher for grades K-3, so teaching kids yoga is just an added bonus to classroom teaching. My classes are filled with lots of fun & smiles. With laughter and community my classes are a celebration of each others’ special gifts.

Peggy Higman

Peggy Higman


Peggy Higman RYT 200, Chopra Center Promordial Sounds Meditation Instructor

Peggy’s love for yoga began in sunny California at the Larchmont Yoga Studio. From her first class she says she was hooked. That was over 15 years and many travels later. Peggy often refers to her yoga and meditation practice to “coming home to herself” A feeling and openess that is created through the asana practice and the joy it brings… to the comfort of meditation… where she connects with just herself. With 3 little kids and busy lifestyle it’s the Yoga that keeps her grounded and bursting with creativity and light! Her teaching style is warm and friendly where the most important thing you do is smile and breathe! You will always have a good laugh in her classes and warm smile on your face too!

Peggy is actively involved in the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California. She holds her Primordial Sound Meditation Certification from there and has attended many workshops including, Journey into Healing and Seduction of Spirit. She is Hatha Yoga Certified (RYT 200) And holds several other certifications in Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. She loves inversions and is known to get people in headstands and loving it!

Drop ins are welcome in any class!

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$10/ Drop-In

Student Rates
  • 5 Class Pass $45
  • 10 Class Pass $82
  • 1mo Unlimited $100

$75/ session

Healing Sessions
  • Private Yoga 1hr
  • Reiki Healing 1hr
  • IET/Energy Work 1hr
  • Kinesiology 1hr

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Reflexology, Nutritional Counseling, Doula Services, Life Coaching, Custom Aromatherapy Blending, and other Holistic based services!

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Recent Blog PostsLet's Read Together

New to Yoga?Considering joining a yoga class, but still not quite sure? Maybe we can help!

You’d be amazed how many times we hear this question! You’d be even more amazed at how inflexible even the teachers in the studio were before we started our own yoga journeys.

Yes, you can do yoga if you aren’t already flexible. Or strong. Or blessed with the body of a model. Yoga helps you to develop that flexibility and strength. And while nothing can give 99% of us the body of a model, a yoga practice can help you become more in tune with and in love with your body just as it is. You’ll be amazed at the flexibility and strength you gain every time you practice.

All you really need to begin practicing yoga is your body, your mind, and a bit of curiosity. It’s also helpful to have a pair of yoga leggings or shorts and a tank or tee that isn’t too baggy. Other than that bring a water bottle and a mat if you have one! (If you don’t have a mat, don’t worry, we have loaner mats at the studio.)

If you have zero experience with yoga, we suggest starting with Yoga 101, Slow Flow Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, or a 10a Vinyasa Flow class.

If you have experience and are more “new to Evolve” than “new to yoga”, then browse through our class descriptions and see which one calls out to you!

In the end, all of our classes are open to beginners as every instructor offers modifications and alternatives to beginners and advanced practitioners alike. We do suggest some experience with yoga for a Hot Vinyasa Flow or a Power class, though.

None of us can. Yoga is never a competition. Listen to your body and do what it is telling you. Begin slowly and your body will progress when its ready. Yoga class is a place of non-judgment and acceptance, and never a place to achieve “perfection,” which is why we call it practice.

Our instructors will help you to modify poses to make the pose meet you where your body is in this moment, this day. Work with the suggested modifications until you find that you no longer need them.

Feel free to get in touch via our Contact form or by sending an email to hello@evolvesiouxcity.com – We’ll do our best to answer all your questions and help you get started on your yoga practice!

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