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“OM. Mazing.”

Carole Westerman, Teacher at Lotus House of Yoga- Omaha


Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a breath-centered, therapeutic yoga practice that is adapted to individuals needs. Whether you are a regular yogi in need of time to reconnect with your breath and your body, or you are a brand new student looking to relieve pain or symptoms of a chronic illness- Gentle Yoga has something to offer […]

Guided Meditation Class

It’s a simple and effective way for anyone to begin the process of looking inward to answers the complicated and often exhausting issue we face in daily life. By meditating you begin to unfold your purest and essential potential to manage daily life, and inspire you to create new and improved health and wellness. By […]

Curvy Girl Yoga

Have you ever wanted to try a new workout but didn’t because it always seems like the classes are filled with and designed for slim people? This class is designed specifically for women who are 30+ pounds overweight. Evolve’s Curvy Girl Yoga will incorporate the use of a chair and is designed specifically to meet […]

Yoga Teacher Training

The Evolve/Lotus House of Yoga teacher training program begins with you. We believe that you hold infinite possibility for the future. This inner potential is captured in our Yoga Alliance certified programs. No matter where you are in life, yoga teacher training lets you design your dreams. Our transformative curriculum is designed to cover all […]

Basic Vinyasa Flow

With a strong focus on alignment, students of Basic Vinyasa will flow through Surya Namaskar A & B (Sun Salutations) and gain a strong understanding of basic poses in a movement based class. Fully awakening the sense of breathe to movement, students will discover the natural beauty of the body by allowing the body to […]

Kids Yoga

In kids yoga we integrate playful yoga with creative self-expression. Silly yoga sequences created in this class develop strength, coordination, and body awareness. Playful breathing exercises, creative imagery, and relaxation are introduced to give your child these important skills to carry with them into their busy school and social lives.  


This all-levels prenatal class (great for beginners) is the perfect place to prepare your mind and body for childbirth. We will incorporate flowing movement with breath-work that is beneficial for all stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. This class also includes relaxation with the use of props and lots of discussion to build a sense of […]

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is a gentle yet deep vinyasa style class that offers the opportunity to build strength and opening to deep flexibility and balance. All levels welcome.  

Vinyasa Flow

An energetic vinyasa flow class, fusing breath with synchronized movement. You will flow seamlessly through Surya Namaskar A & B (basic sun salutations), opening and balancing the body as you explore the path from simple to more complex asanas. This class will raise your heart rate and develop strength! Prior knowledge of basic poses is beneficial […]

Yin Yoga

This class explores a practice that is primarily stationary. Yin yoga offers you the opportunity to allow your body to yield and open, enabling you to reflect and listen to the slow and steady surrender of the body. The asanas in this session will target the stimulation of connective tissue, joints and ligaments in a […]


Every month evolve offers workshops and training sessions led by guest teachers or evolve staff. We will impart our knowledge of one of the 8 limbs of yoga, a particular style, technique or element of yoga. Each transformative workshop will be designed to bring you deeper into your yoga journey to enhance your practice. Check […]

Summer Outdoor Yoga Series

Join us for outdoor yoga!! Summer outdoor yoga series classes will be held in various parks and locations throughout the Siouxland area on select days. Please check our real time schedule and Facebook page for updates on when and where these will be held. These classes will be a free will donation or donations for […]


Being ‘in the moment’ and in balance with another person is the essence of AcroYoga. AcroYoga is for Every Body. All you need is openness and a spirit of adventure. Expect to walk out of the class feeling lighter, with improved communication, greater trust, an increased sense of play, a new vitality, and reduced stress. […]

Yoga 101

Yoga 101 is the perfect place to start your yogic journey!  This class has a strong emphasis on breathe and alignment as we deconstruct poses without any flowing movement.  The use of props throughout the class allows the student to understand how space is created in the poses.  This class is perfect for beginners as […]

Hot Flow

Fusing breath with flowing movement, you will play the edge with each movement as you cleanse your system and deepen flexibility. Hot Flow is a high-powered class designed to challenge. A basic understanding of asanas is beneficial but not required.  


This strength and power-based vinyasa flow class is designed to tap into the infinite well of power from within. You will cultivate personal strength and peace of mind through vigorous flowing asanas that will unite balance and coordination with muscular integration. This class will take you to your edge! An understanding of asanas is recommended […]

Metaphysical Fitness

Metaphysical Fitness is a vinyasa flow class that incorporates various aspects of yoga philosophy and lifestyle including meditation, Ayurveda, pranayama that will enliven your spiritual journey, connecting all aspects of the mind, body and soul! This one is not to miss!  


$10 Per drop-in

Monthly Packages

  • 4 classes: $35
  • 6 classes: $50
  • 8 classes: $65
  • Unlimited: $120
Student Rates
$7 Per drop-in

Monthly Packages

  • 4 classes: $27
  • 6 classes: $38
  • 8 classes: $48
  • Unlimited: $85

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