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June 21st (7p) - Salute to the Sun Series with Vanessa Jones

July 20th (3pm-4:30pm) - Intro to Somatic Release with Chan Follen

July 20th (6pm-8pm) - LUMIN Album Release Celebration with Dr. Ryan Allen

August 11th (1:30p-4:30p) - Cultivating Courageous Kids & the Art of Co-Regulation with Dr. Ryan Allen

August 18th (2:30pm-4pm) - Breathwork with Hali Benson

September 14th (12pm-1:30pm) - Beginner series - intro to gentle yoga with modifications through use of props for all shapes and sizes with Verna Bennett

*All events are being held at Design West Sioux City [1014 Design Place, Sioux City, IA] while the yoga studio undergoes renovations. The Wellness Center at 409 Pearl will remain there*


Salute to the Sun
with Vanessa Jones

Join Vanessa for a Salute to the Sun! Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskar A, when practiced in repetition becomes a sort of moving meditation, where the minds chatter is quieted and you move seamlessly with your breath. The number 108 is sacred in many ways, some of which will be discussed in this series. Come celebrate the sun and its life giving energy as we prepare for the Summer Solstice, a time to cleanse, detoxify and get more in touch with yourself. 

Intro to
Somatic Release
with Chan Follen

Somatic healing is a healing modality that recognizes the connection with the mind and body in the healing process. In this class we begin to learn the practice of experience and dive in deeper to understand ourselves and where we hold stress, emotions, and beliefs. From that understanding we begin to release the held tension that has been stored in the body for days, months and even years. This class will consist of meditation and deep introspection. Journals are optional to document any revelations and progress in your journey. 

LUMIN (2000 x 1000 px).png

LUMIN Album Release Celebration

Join us July 20th at Evolve Yoga & Wellness from 6-8pm on Saturday, July 20th to celebrate the release of Palimpsest, the latest ambient spoken word meditation album from LUMIN. Combining forces once again with Ultra Violet Fever, our time together will be full of meditation and music, love and light, and therapeutic Sound and Source healing. Palimpset is a tribute to teachers, to the influences and inspirations who help light our way. The four tracks, "Awake," "Breath of Life," "Cave of the Heart," and "Campfire Ring," are a journey inward, an adventure of the mind, body, and spirit, intended to help you wake up, explore sensations, connect with your guides, and align with your sacred intuitive wisdom within. No experience required. Open and accessible to all. We can't wait to connect with you. Join us. Spread the word. Share the Love.

Cultivating Courageous Kids & (1).png

Cultivating Courageous
Kids & the Art
of Co-Regulation
with Dr. Ryan Allen

Our children are crying out for help. We can learn to be the rock our kids need us to be, the calm, steady nervous system for them to plug into, the role models for resiliency they need to not just survive but thrive in this dynamic, ever evolving landscape. This workshop is designed for parents, teachers, childcare providers, counselors, coaches, or anyone else who is interested in practicing mindfulness, in finding a better way to serve those who need our help the most, and in rediscovering the passion and purpose that inspires us to love an care for our most vulnerable. *3 hours of CEUs through Yoga Alliance is available*


Breathwork with 
Hali Benson

Pranayama, a cycle of inhalations and exhalations bringing the life force energy within the body. An ancient practice used for various purposes to bring the body into a state of transcendence. Just like we practice yoga, pranayama has it's uses to bring the mind into alignment, aiding the mind when there is need for balance. In Ayureda, the mind has four aspects: Chitta, Buddhi, Ahamkar and Manas. Pranayama is a practice that unites all four aspects to transcend into a state of Pure Consciousness. This peak state is known to fell "light, blissful, exciting, energizing, and eye opening", those that have experienced this state sat that it calmed their mind and awakened their body. No experience is necessary.

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